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Market Research Services

Leverage OpinionRoute’s experience and  expertise to improve your research operations in quantitative studies: Online, CLT, CATI, Mobile, and Mixed-Mode globally



Today’s sampling methods aren’t what they once were.  We understand how important methodology shifts are to research given our vast experience across two decades in transitioning work from offline to online, and also from online panel to today’s more programmatic approach.  We answer the previously unanswered quality questions, we eliminate controllable bias, and, overall, we help clients navigate what’s become an incredibly complex sampling landscape. 



Quality doesn’t just start and end with sampling execution.  Quality also stems from the questionnaire design and programming.  We review each survey, understand the goals, ask smart questions and produce programs that reflect what’s needed from a logic, QA, and data delivery perspective.  We standardly provide expert level QA service to parallel your own checks.  Your project is in the hands of senior level, domestic programmers who can handle all kinds of complexity that you may create. 


Need SPSS or CSV and you can handle the rest?  No problem.  Need some help with data tabulation?  Weighting?  We have you covered there too.  We’ll adapt to you. 



This has been long discussed, but little change has evolved.  OpinionRoute has the knowledge to help you make a real impact on the quality of the data you are collecting.  We create custom field solutions that will have a quantifiable impact on your data quality.  We do this in the context of your work, your preferred quality review processes and with the benefit of years of quality control data across sectors, clients, and suppliers. 


Today’s Mobile data collection solutions are equal parts opportunity and limitation.  The opportunities are in the “in-the-moment” potential of the app-based technology yet the limitation comes from a lack of research knowledge, limited panel sizes, or obvious holes in the reach depth or flexibility in service options.  OpinionRoute effectively creates custom field plans based on client’s innovative project ideas. 



Sometimes online panels just are too skewed to effectively research a target market, particularly in emerging markets around the world. In those cases, we go beyond the panel for you and recruit in local markets, in the target cities you need, for your current study.  We can expand your reach in Latin America, the Middle East, Asia and other high-demand regions.

    Consulting Services

    Leverage OpinionRoute’s experience and  expertise to improve your research operations


    Yesterday’s models and norms are being disrupted today by technology and automation.  It’s not enough to be a custom research shop anymore as you compete with technology platforms, big data and new players popping up every day. 

    As you focus on a future of growth and prosperity, OpinionRoute can help you add new technologies and approaches to your business.  We can help you understand the pros and cons of new platforms and help keep you modern as you prepare for continued growth. 



    OpinionRoute’s leadership has unique experience in panel outsourcing and monetization for many types of organizations.

    OpinionRoute Consulting works with partners who have existing assets to add a new revenue stream or assist in launching new practices to their business that can help lead the charge in the future.  OpinionRoute Consulting can help you monetize assets without compromising the core value to your business. 



    OpinionRoute understands our core competencies and the ways they may complement our partners’ models.  We are happy to knowledge share in formal and casual ways.  Through our Consulting services, we do industry training, marketing content co-creation and new hire training for partner companies, both on-site and virtually.

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    What Our Clients Say

    With the sampling industry and technology rapidly evolving, it has become almost impossible to navigate the sample procurement process with confidence. More than ever, we need an independent third party who understands the nuances of sample design and always acts in our best interest. 

    OpinionRoute is my partner for all my online data collection needs. I have 100% confidence that my sampling approach is methodologically sound when using Opinionroute

    OpinionRoute’s knowledge of the quantitative research space is unparalleled. Their expertise in sampling methodology, operational needs, and advanced technology have repeatedly proved to be what our agency has needed.  

    What’s often most impressive is understanding international markets and the best-localized solutions for achieving our client goals.  Putting work in Opinionroute’s hands gives us the ability to focus on our client relationships and know your projects will be executed accurately and on time. This is the type of partnership we wish we had with all of our clients and vendors. 

    Our team was looking for a way to conduct our online research with a company that really understands the online environment and could make our lives easier by handling complex sample designs without a lot of hand-holding.

    OpinionRoute provides us with the expertise we need and the quality we demand, finding the right blend of panels for our specific research and working with us to ensure our studies are fielded correctly. They are our go-to panel provider because we know we can trust them to get the job done on time, on budget and on spec.

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