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At the start of 2017, we decided to refresh our company’s visual identity. It was a long, circuitous journey, but ended in a place we really love.
Our goal was to present OpinionRoute in a more vibrant, compelling way. We wanted to represent our value-add philosophy and the values we deliver each day. We wanted our image to exemplify the feelings we strive to provide. No small task.

Terence McCarron

CEO, OpinionRoute

Ultimate Inspiration

Stemming from a Celtic symbol for brotherhood (or sisterhood), we started focusing on the idea of a Triskelion. This has a variety of cultural adaptations, but essentially the idea is a visualization of three circular presentations, converging in a “hub”, to illustrate active characteristics such as energy in motion, action, progress. At the same time, it also reflects more passive attributes like trust, rest and enjoying the harvest (“fruits” of our labor).


The three components reflect a “trinity of wisdom”, if you will. They also are a tip-of-the-cap to what we believe are the key pillars for what we can provide every day for our clients.

1. Service

In a Tech-driven industry, OR puts true service back in play. We don’t believe buyers should be left on an island in an increasingly complex landscape. We make it simple in unique ways every

2. Expertise

The industry has shifted dramatically over the last decade or two as investors have flocked to the Insights industry. With the money came a wave of change in skill sets and training norms that are impacting project performance every day industry-wide. We believe research and sampling expertise are still very necessary to produce data quality and overall performance. OR brings it in a big way.

3. Partnership

Our clients have best practices that have served their clients well for years. Clients need vendor partnerships that can learn those practices and find ways to add value. We believe our role is to partner on the client terms, not treat clients like they are a cog in the wheel for the vendor.