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What is the Global Navigator Guide?

We understand that navigating research across the world can be challenging, especially understanding the local population and how to design quotas in each country.

The Global Navigator Guide collates demographic data in over 50 countries, providing an invaluable resource guide to help researchers better understand the international landscape when designing and executing international studies. Data included in the guide includes age, gender, region, internet penetration, technology usage, language and other facts. Please click below to get your guide today. 

US Census


  • Males 50%
  • Females 50%


  • 18 to 34 38%
  • 35 to 54 37%
  • 55 to 69 25%


  • Northeast Region 18%
  • South Region 37%
  • Midwest Region 22%
  • West Region 23%

In-Person Training

We work really hard to create content that adds value for our clients. We also love to educate partners on the stuff we are passionate about – today’s quantitative market research methods. We offer training and information session on research sampling, an overview of the online data collection industry today and love to engage in healthy and constructive dialing on respondent recruitment methods, sampling technology and much more.

Please fill in the form if you or your company would like to learn more!

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