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At OpinionRoute, we think and act differently. We are open to new ways of executing market research and making the experience rewarding for all. We provide value on every project and believe every interaction is an opportunity to prove that. We bring unparalleled knowledge and experience to every engagement and measure ourselves based on our clients’ successes. We value our team members and partners and believe you will find working with us to be a refreshing experience. 



OpinionRoute possesses the technology, processes, and experience to support the most complex, challenging market research programs. We are obsessed with data quality, sampling methodology and finding ways to improve the research we conduct with our Partners on every project. We stay ahead of the curve, understanding the impact of the latest sampling technology, the rise in bot and other data quality issues, the impact of panel recruitment practices (and mergers) on data consistency and provide the expertise to mitigate these risks. 

We also love to educate partners on the stuff we are passionate about – today’s quantitative market research methods. We love to seize the opportunity to bridge a knowledge gap so let us know if you would like us to help educate and train your staff.  



The foundation of a great partnership is trust. We build trust with our partners through consistently great experiences, open and honest communication and our desire to add value wherever possible. Partnerships succeed when all partners win, each focusing on their areas of strength, allowing the other(s) to focus on what they do best. We bring the following elements to each partner engagement:

  • Commitment – committed to every partnership wbeing successful 
  • Service Excellence – engage with reliable, experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful staff at all time
  • Global Executive Team Leadership e.g.  building and scaling sales and operations teams globally, implementing an outsourcing strategy etc.
  • Education – will help educate you staff on subjects we are passionate about e.g. research sampling


Richard Branson said “The way you treat your employees, is the way they will treat your customers”. Well you are in good hands! At OpinionRoute, our employees come first and we are committed to creating great experiences for our employees every day. Our culture values open communication, respect for people of all backgrounds and provides the platform for each individual employee to create and live their best lives. 

People grow when they feel nurtured. At OpinionRoute, we offer monthly programs focused on personal growth and development and each employee is encouraged to avail of our FREE group and one on one coaching. 

We let our employees be authentic people within our service business.  We take great joy in witnessing people living into their true potential. 


We believe in kindness, giving back and making contributions that help make the world a better place for us all. This starts by being of service to our clients and in the communities where we live. But it also is part of our DNA as people.  All OpinionRoute employees are encouraged to take time (during the work day) to give back to a cause about which they feel passionate.  

In addition, OpinionRoute’s commitment to service extends to our wallets too as we donate to charity every year. We welcome recommendations on charities to which you would like us to consider donating. 

Finally, we love to make a difference with our partners, adding value in each interaction. We believe that we are different, we care, we add value and go above and beyond always. 


Our Leadership Team


Terence McCarron

CEO & Founder

Terence McCarron considers himself fortunate to have worked for leading, innovative companies in the Market Research industry. A market researcher/sample geek since 1999, Terence has held leadership positions with Greenfield Online (now ToLuna), All Global (now Lightspeed All Global) and Cint AB. Over his career, Terence has developed a deep understanding and global sensibility on diverse respondent access approaches and methods, drivers of data quality, and how to navigate complex sample technologies. He started OpinionRoute to fuel his passion for serving clients on their terms, with a drive to add value during each step in the process.

Andrew Moffatt


Andrew Moffatt, a native of County Cork, Ireland, has two decades of Market Research experience.  Moffatt spent more than 18 years at Survey Sampling International (SSI) where he was a member of the Global Executive team and was responsible for managing SSI’s key partnerships.  His expertise is building and scaling sales and operations teams customized to each partner’s business needs. What he is most passionate about however is creating a vibrant, fun culture that brings out the best in people.

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