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In the coming days, OpinionRoute will be celebrating our 3rd Anniversary. In an industry of heavyweights that include both multi-generational businesses and also explosive-growth startups (and lots in between), I feel particularly proud about what we’ve achieved in our little corner of the world. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say I am probably more proud of what OpinionRoute has become than anything else I’ve accomplished before in my career.

Earlier this year, while reflecting on the next stage of our own rapid evolution, I engaged the help of a local expert to help me better understand WHY we seemed to have made such a connection with our key clients. It feels silly to write that sentence, because why question such a good thing? But, I genuinely wanted to know what OpinionRoute was doing that struck such a chord. So, some research was obviously in order.

Our research findings were both inspiring and humbling all in one bundle.

Clients think of us as an invaluable resource. They speak of successes they could not have had without our partnership. They find it refreshing that they can have a deep conversation with a subject-matter expert on every project. In short, they are picking up on the things we really prioritize on every day.

These are the same service elements that our clients want in a partner. Sounds so basic, so simple, I know. But sometimes the right choices are. It demonstrated that we seem to be doing a great job executing on the values that we aspire to embody in our model.

Before I started up OpinionRoute, I had incredible opportunities to participate in big success stories in the online MR space. I had a hand in bringing to market major methodology changes, truly disruptive technology innovations, and globalized expansion of differentiated domestic businesses. I’ve worked for some great people along the way- some brilliant minds, true innovators and world-class business minds. Along my journey, I came to understand why I’ve stayed in Market Research all this time. Our industry is really, at its core, a business about people. I absolutely love that. I find fulfillment in working through problems in a communicative way. I really wanted to build something that embraced and utilized great technology, but had a core that was about more than just the technology. I wanted to build OpinionRoute into a service business that led with expertise, relationships and truly differentiated service.

It may be fair to say the concept behind OpinionRoute is a bit counterintuitive given the macro trends towards full automation. Even my own career has spent many thousands of hours in that push-of-a-button pursuit. But, here, our goal was never to serve the masses by standardizing and automating everything. Rather, we want to grow by investing deeply in meaningful partnerships that keep the humanity in this “people business.”

A core promise I make to new clients is an offer of ongoing training and communication on industry trends, solutions and processes. As we embark upon our new year here, we are expanding the way we do that to include this section of our main website. We have a ton of things to share and will do our best to bring that to you here in a coherent way.

But please don’t hesitate to reach out and share with us what YOU need and what challenges need solving.   We truly are happy to help.